Celebrate your sensuality through dance

Since 2018, Bloom's technically trained heels dancers have provided professional entertainment and education to individuals of all levels and backgrounds. Our Ottawa-based classes are dedicated to uplifting women through improving their dance skills.

The expressions of women's sensuality is still stigmatized worldwide. Women are often shamed for dancing in ways that celebrate their bodies, and these views contribute to women being more at risk of low self-esteem and a negative body image. Bloom gives women a safe space that allows them to embrace every part of themselves.

Our dance classes, taught in high heeled shoes, provide a fun and positive experience for everyone regardless of gender or age. Our professional show experiences broaden our message to reach dancers and non-dancers alike through a celebration of sensuality.

Empowering women to embrace their sensuality through performances, classes, and community.


Weekly classes, programs, and special pop-up heels classes.

Enjoy a unique show experience from our professional company dancers.



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