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Team Auditions

We are looking for advanced beginner, intermediate, and advanced level dancers to join our Teams in January 2024. Details below!

Join our Lilac or Fuchsia team in January 2024! Our teams are comprised of dancers who are at least at an advanced beginner level.

These are in-person team. Rehearse weekly on Thursdays between 6:30pm-10:30 (time varies per team) in downtown Ottawa.

This session will last from January 2024 until June 2024.

Bloom's Teams

The focus of our teams is to work on members' DANCING. It will not be strictly heels- we aim to strengthen dancers' movement as a whole. While our core focus will be heels, we will also work on movement quality and performance through a variety of dance styles, drills, and guest teachers.

IMPORTANT: This is not a recreational dance team. We expect a high level of commitment from our dancers.

Our teams are recommended for dancers who have prior dance experience. The team is not a recreational “drop-in” program, and requires a high level of commitment and dedication from dancers. Through Bloom's teams, dancers significantly strengthen their heels technique and skills, as well as improve their ability to perform and tackle a variety of dance styles.

Dancers who wish to join one of our teams can audition on December 12th. Stiletto heels are required in order to be considered. We will not be accepting video submissions. Our teams will put on a recital in June 2024

Date: Tuesday, December 12th
Time: 8-10pm
Location: 135 Séraphin-Marion Private, Room 303

Introducing Bloom’s Lilac team!

Our Lilac team is comprised of dancers who are at a beginner/intermediate level in heels. Through two hours of training per week, our Lilac dancers strengthen their heels technique, dance vocabulary, and perform in our recitals. This group of dancers is incredibly hard working and we see incredible growth from them every term!

Bloom's Lilac Team

Bloom's Fuchsia Team

Introducing Bloom’s Fuchsia team!

Our Fuchsia team is comprised of intermediate/advanced level dancers. These dancers have a strong technical base in heels, and through two hours of training per week, we work on improving their freestyle abilities, performance, and challenging them with different dance styles. Our Fuchsia team performs in our recitals and our show experiences, and many of our team members have been training with us for years!