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Bloom's Online School

Bloom's online school includes training for beginner, intermediate, and advanced dancers, but the majority of our material is at the beginner and intermediate level.

Who is our online school for?

All of our online classes are FULL LENGTH classes, meaning the teacher is doing the entire class along with you!

Our online school is a great place for students who are shy, who don't have time to go to in person heels classes, or who want to try something new in the comfort of their home.

Included Classes

  • Full length beginner, intermediate, and advanced heels classes
  • Sexy chair classes
  • Instructional technique classes
  • Heels fitness classes
  • Full length warm up and stretch videos

All of our classes are pre-recorded and mirrored. Students can rewatch sections and take breaks as needed throughout the classes. One new class is uploaded every week.

Your Teacher

Laura, Bloom's Founder, has been teaching heels since 2017. Her goal is to create an empowering space for students to explore their sensuality, while also providing high quality dance training that focuses on technique.

"I'm excited to connect with and teach new students through Bloom's Online School! You will be sweating along with me - my full length classes include detailed explanations of the movement and technique, as well as many opportunities to try the choreography with the music. See you online!"

Annual Membership

Monthly Membership

Want some extra guidance?

We offer online personalized heels training plans and online privates with our founder, Laura.

Share your dance level and goals with us in a questionnaire. Laura will then create a two month heels training plan designed specifically for you, based on the classes available in our online school. This plan will be catered to your specific dance needs and will include a weekly breakdown.

Then, book your 45-minute online private with Laura! This private can be used to receive feedback on the combos you have been working on through your personalized plan, to work on your technique, or anything else that is specific to your dance goals.

This is great if you:

  • Want someone to keep you accountable
  • Want your weekly class plan made for you
  • Have specific goals that you want to achieve this year

Purchase a Training Plan and Private

Looking to purchase just a training plan, or just a private? No problem! Send us an email and we can cater our services to your needs.

Our four-week beginner heels challenge! Learn one beginner choreography every week, slowly working your way up to learning a full length choreography by Week 4!

Online Beginner Heels Challenge

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Every week, we will go through a full warm up before diving into the choreography. Laura does the entire class with you, meaning she breaks down all the movement and goes through the choreography with music numerous times. After the class, we end with a cool down stretch.

Are you brand new to dance? This is for you! This challenge is designed for beginner students who want to ease their way into learning a full choreography. Sign up through the form above!

Week 1 is completely FREE! Sign up below to receive your first full-length class immediately.

Being raised in a household that looked down on the expression of sexuality has made women’s rights, access to reproductive health services, and women empowerment very important to me. I have created safe spaces for women to express their sensuality through dance classes, shows, and community experiences.

Laura Bacic | Director

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